3-5th May, 2024

Holistic retreat
in Madrid mountains
We will travel to the Sierra de Madrid to spend 3 days and 2 nights in the nature, to connect body and mind, to detox, and to learn new things about ourselves
The guide
Our trip will be guided by Dr.Kusalagnana thissa Thero, doctor of Buddhist literature and psychology, master of meditation, a Buddhist monk.
Born in a very remote village in the Southern province of Sri Lanka in 1986, Thero was the youngest of six siblings in the family. As a child he was already a very religious-minded person, and at the age of seven he was ordained as a novice monk. He subsequently obtained his master's degree and diploma in arts, and then the doctorate in Psychological Counseling and Buddhist Psychology. He currently lives in the Buddhist temple in Balapitiya, a town within the Galle district of Sri Lanka, and supervises the Damma Sunday school of more than 200 students that offers ethical education to the young inhabitants.
He is also the meditation and mindfulness guide for foreign tourists at the Saamadhi Meditation Center in Balapitya.
Every year Thero travels around the world with his meditation workshops and private psychological consultations. Over the past few years he has visited and given workshops in Canada, New Zealand, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Japan, Cambodia, Malaysia, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Russia, etc.
He is co-author of the book 'Empathy' together with Dr. Monika Hein (Gabal).
Stop, breath, have a rest, progress...
1. New perspective
Get ready to detoxify your body and soul.

3 days without problems, junk food, without alcohol and tobacco...
We will enjoy the healthy stay in the fresh air.
We will learn to cook vegetarian food in the Ayurvedic way to balance the diet and to know how everything we eat.
affects our mind and emotions
2. The programme
We will enjoy the beautiful views, breathing exercises in the fresh air, conscious eating, meditations and conversations. In addition, Thero will offer private consultations according to Buddhist psychology...
3. All included
Accomodation, food, cooking classes, meditations, consultations.
Every guests will have its own room and intimacy
Why this retreat is different
  • Very small group of friends, carefully selected. Max. 5 people
  • Personal attention, meditations with the person native to this traditions, private consultations according to Buddhist psicology
  • Vegetarian ayurvedic food cooked by a a monk
450 euros
in a group of 5 people
550 euros
in a group of 4 people
650 euros
in a group of 3 people
The last but not the least
The price is transparent and includes the flights of our guide, logistics, food, drinks (tea, coffee), accommodation, meditations classes and private consultations
Our retreat will be held in English. Translation is possible