Do you want a life changing experience?

Welcome to Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka is an island that floats in cobalt waters to the south of India, and inherits a proud written history of more than 2500 years with great cultural and spiritual importance.
In 2006 NASA carried out a research that revealed that Sri Lanka is a place with the least gravity on Earth that identifies the island is a place with strong cosmic energy and is conductive to parapsycological strenghts....
5 days
Small group of 8 people, private transfer on a comfortable mini bus through the most beautiful lands of Sri Lanka. Group will be completed according to the previous interview

5 cities
Departing from Balapitiya, we will go to the heart of the country, visit ancient cities and the most important Buddhist shrines, go deep into the jungle, cross the tea fields and climb the sacred mountain

What's included
Super all inclusive: transfers from Colombo and back, accommodation, food (healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners), cooking class, meditations, excursions, natural parks entrance fees, etc...
Flights and visa are NOT included.

You will have the best company ever!
Our trip will be supervised and guided by a Buddhist monk Ven. Kusalagnana Thero.
Born in a very remote village in the southern province of Sri Lanka in 1986, Thero was the youngest of the six siblings of the family. Being a child, he was already a very religious-minded person and at the age of seven, he was ordained as a novice monk.

Later he obtained his MA degree and a diploma in Psychological Counselling and Buddhist Psychology.
At present time he serves as a monk in Balapitiya which is a very famous town within the Galle District of Sri Lanka, and directs Sunday Damma School that offers a ethical education to the young inhabitants.

Every year Thero travels around the world with his meditation workshops and private psychological consultations. For the last two years he has visited Canada, New Zealand, Vietnam, Japan, Cambodia, Malaysia, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Russia etc.
You will not return the same...
One: New perspective
You will be guided through the most ancient and spiritual places.
Be ready to detox your body and soul.
5 days: forget about problems, junk food, meat, alcohol and smoking...
Enjoy being healthy physically and spiritually...
Two: Consistent programme
Everything is planned and booked!
We will enjoy fantastic landscapes and peaceful beaches and stay in the most cosy boutique hotels.
On our way we will visit the most beautiful natural parks, hug elephants and cherish baby turtles...
Every day will start with a beautiful sunrise and yoga session and finish with breathtaking sunsets and meditations.

Three: Treasure hunting
You will get practical knowledge on Buddhist theory, history and meditation. If you want you can also visit the best local astrologists, gems therapists and vastu designers.

You will try the most delicious local food and learn how to cook it,
visit Sri Lankan villages and a Buddhist temples to learn about everyday life of the monks.

Pictures of your trip will be provided to share memories with your dearest ones.
Tour details
Shared or single rooms
Let the tourism be sustainable and mindful.
We didn't choose the hotels, we have chosen owners and helpful stuff. Only local ones, not big international chains.
Very cosy and comfortable in beautiful surroundings
Age groups: 16+

This is not a religious tour.
Any open minded person is welcome
Non profit

By choosing this trip you
change the life of many people, of the the whole country as well.
The price covers only expenses. Any extra money will go to the temple needs and Sunday school for local children from poor families

Registration available till 15.02.2020
All included:
- transfers to/from the airport
- accommodation 6 nights in a dbl room (extra 20% for a sgl)
- vegetarian food according to individual preferences 3 times per day
- meditations
- natural parks entrance fees
- cooking classes

You may need some extra cash for presents and tips.

As a souvenir you can bring white and green Ceylon tea, natural Ayurvedic remedies, spices, herbs, elephants netsuke, silk and cotton garmets, gems, and the best cashew nuts ever...

Need more?
You are also welcome to stay for the Full Moon day celebration on April 7 and Singhalese New Year on April 12.

Need some relax or serious therapy?
We found a really good Ayurveda therapists, so you can stay for a treatment and beach holidays. Pump yourself...

Up to surf the waves? Please, ask the advise for the best surf beaches on Sri Lanka.